Digital video is everywhere. Thanks to the miracle of data compression it can be streamed to our screens in an instant (give or take a bit of buffering). Though considered a solid transmitter of truth since its earliest days, and utilised as such in news footage, journalism, video interviews, closed-circuit TV and the like; the medium of moving image has now acquired a whole new fragility in it's digital form. The coding and compression algorithms needed to transfer video files to our screens have given rise to powerful potential for distortion, fragmentation and manipulation. As with video tape, digital film is really only a set of instructions for a monitor describing how the illusion of an image should be displayed. But, unlike it's VHS predecessor, the coding can be directly accessed and  rearranged systematically or randomly. The visual results of this breaking of the code can be striking, but, as we have already seen with the development of 'deepfakes', so too could the ideological.

My paintings exploit the possibilities of this video disruption by applying it to all manner of film footage found online, from films to TV, to news to influencer clips, in order to explore the shape-shifting qualities of the digital world, foregrounding its illusory qualities and their effect on our idea of truth and what lies beyond the screen.

1968 Born Birmingham

1993 BA (Hons) Graphic Design, Kingston University

Group shows

2022 Scyscrpaer Stories, Arcadia, Coventry
2022 Prize Exhibition, RBSA Gallery, Birmingham
2021  On Paper, Paper Gallery, Manchester
2016 The Art Movement, London
2015 London Art Fair, Islington
2014 Art Hamptons, New York
2014 Monaco Art Fair
2010-13 20/21 International, RCA London
2013 Paris IPSO
2011 Avenue, London
2011 Bath Fine Art
2009 National Open Art Competition, Chichester2019

Solo shows

Brew, Folkestone
2017 The Art Movement, London
2013 Avenue, London
2010 Art London, Chelsea
2010 Avenue, London
2008/9 Langton Street gallery, London

2009 RK Harrison prize, National Open Art Competition